Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Secret Society of Letter Writers?

Who is Master Boddington?

How may I sign up for the Secret Society?

You may sign up on our website. Once we have received and processed your request, you will be mailed your invitation and guardian permission form.

What are the requirements for membership? Do you have an age minimum or maximum?

I have signed up for the SSLW, but haven’t received anything in the mail. Why is this?

Fiddlesticks! I lost my membership card. What do I do?

Fear not, Master Boddington keeps a record of each member and their membership number. Simply send us an email at and we will respond with your number.

Oh dear, I’ve lost my assignment from Master B! What can I do?

Master Boddington updates our website here with each month’s assignment.

I’ve signed up for a pen pal, but I haven’t received one yet. Why is this?

I have a pen pal, but they have not responded to my letters. How should I proceed?

It seems like my pen pal and I have nothing in common. May I have a new one?

May I have two pen pals?

I don’t want a pen pal. Can I still be part of the Secret Society?

I’m a teacher/scout leader/fencing coach, may I sign my all my students up for the Secret Society?

Our family has moved. Who should I alert?

Does Master Boddington know Santa Claus?

Do you sell stationery for children and pen pals?