The history of Mr. Boddington

(grab a pot of tea and kick your feet up friends.
He tends to love an adventure, and has from the start).

What we do know about the elusive Mr. Boddington
is that he was born with
the deepest aubergine ink on his thumbs, quite literally.
The shocked nurse Pagent of the New Amsterdam Hospital nearly dropped the
newly born Master Boddington on his head.

As a child he moved around the world with his parents,
his nanny and a caravan of royal supporters.
His first correspondence was sent from
an island in the south Pacific at the age of five.
He requested ten boxes of “Van Dyke” Drawing Pencil No. 600.
And as a young adult he apprenticed with
the Russian Tsar Nicholas’ correspondence court.

He married a stunning duchess on a small hillside in Udiapur, India,
where he first applied silk to the back of a postcard.
It was from her wedding gown.

Mr. Boddington owns a vintage Capri fishing yacht
and drinks Bombay gin and tonics while
eating bread with orange marmalade.

And although never confirmed,
it has been said that Mr. Boddington exhibits
no tolerance for haggard looking correspondence.